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April 2020

[04-??-2020] Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Daddy, thank you for everything you have done for us. Thanks for taking care of us, working hard, bringing me to activities... It really means a lot...

I know that I'm not always obedient and that I argue from time to time, and I'm sorry for that. But thank you for everything you allow me to do, from writing on this website to creating a channel to swimming and being on the worship team for church. And I probably don't say this enough, but I do love you and Mommy.

Happy Birthday!

[04-27-2020] Video: The No Hub Challenge [1] | Hypixel Skyblock

So I decided to create a new solo profile in Hypixel Skyblock, but I cannot use the hub or any islands besides my own. It's not regular Skyblock though, because I can still use collection items, skills, minions, and more!

Lesson of the Day: Taking Challenges

When I created this profile, I was challenging myself to see how well I could do without critical resources and functions of Hypixel Skyblock. I wanted to see how far in the game I could get: how high I could level my skills, how many collections I could max. I haven't got very far into the game with the profile yet, but we'll see how well we do in the future.

In many cases, taking challenges help you improve at what you're doing. My coach put it this way: taking a challenge is like choosing the right path in a fork in the road. The left path in the fork allows you to slack off and not try very hard, and it's the path most people would prefer. The right path, however, is full of obstacles and difficult times. In drains your energy and takes incredible effort. But taking the right path will lead to your success.

Every day at swim practice, I must choose which path to take. I must decide whether I will slow down as I get tired, or push myself harder. I admit that I haven't always chosen correctly, and that has led to bad swim meets and poor performances.

Writing these blog posts is one of the challenges I've taken in my life. I wrote quite a few stories when I was younger, but I was never really good at writing them. Here, I need to write a post and a Lesson of the Day for every video I upload - that's difficult. I have to find topics that can relate to the video I'm making, and I have to write a page's worth of stuff about the topic. It's fun, but sometimes it can be hard.

Anyways. Another challenge I'm facing in my life right now is actually video editing. One of my friends asks me to edit his videos for him every week, and it's often about two hours of footage I have to cut and trim and add special effects to. Of course I enjoy editing. But I have to decide what to leave in and what to leave out, and I'm limited to a video duration of 15 to 20 minutes - so most of the footage needs to be cut out. Also, I need to decide where to put in special effects and transitions. It involves quite a bit of thinking.

In conclusion, taking challenges can be beneficial. In fact, I challenge you to challenge yourself in some way this week. That's all for now.

You can watch the video on YouTube here.

[04-24-2020] Video: Monster Raider VS Strong w/ Tarantula Helmet | Hypixel Skyblock

In the video, we will be comparing the secret Monster Raider set with 3/4 Strong Dragon armor paired with the Tarantula helmet. In case you haven't heard of the Monster Raider set, it is a combination of the following armor pieces: Skeleton's Helmet, Guardian Chestplate, Creeper Pants, and Tarantula Boots.

Lesson of the Day: Making Informed Decisions

Have you ever make a mistake because you didn't take the time to learn more about whatever you were doing? If so, you might know why it's important to make informed decisions: so that you won't mess up later on.

In relation to this video, you could say that I'm helping a mid-game or late-game player make an informed decision on two decent armor sets. I'm teaching viewers about the pros and cons of each set, and comparing them side by side.

One time, a friend thought he needed eight stacks of enchanted cobblestone to craft a Super Compactor, instead of seven. And since he needed three Super Compactors, he ended up buying three extra stacks of cobblestone, which led to him wasting an extra 125K coins. If he had simply checked the recipe in the Cobblestone collection, he would have easily seen that only seven stacks of enchanted cobblestone were needed.

I've made a similar mistake before. If you play Hypixel Skyblock, you know that anvil uses can be a big deal on weapons and armor. Well, when I first got my Aspect of the End, no one really knew too much about anvil uses. So now my AOTE has six or seven uses, and it's basically unenchantable. (I still keep it, though.)

This last example is from my own life, and don't laugh at me please. When I was in 5th grade, our science class had a test. It was just one page, and usually I easily aced tests. I was feeling pretty confident about the test, and I turned it in when I thought I was done. However. What I didn't realize was that the one page of the test... had a back. I'd left half the questions blank. So. I ended up scoring a 56, which I could have easily avoided if I'd just flipped the page over. (It was okay though, because I still finished out the quarter with an A.) But the point is, make informed decisions. You'll be much better off not assuming things.

Hopefully this lesson helped.

You can watch the video on YouTube here.

[04-13-2020] Video: My First Dragon Fight | Hypixel Skyblock

Today, I officially published my first video, which I previewed a few days ago. The title describes it quite well. Hope you enjoy!

You can watch the video on YouTube here. (This is the same link as below.)


I created my channel today, so yay. Also, Happy Easter!

[04-11-2020] Channel History/Video Preview: My First Dragon Fight | Hypixel Skyblock

Several months ago my friend Firemage_X started his own YouTube channel and began recording and streaming Minecraft videos. Around that time, I also recorded a video for my school science fair, presenting a Minecraft program I'd written. I learned the basics of making videos and I thought it was kind of fun. So I began recording short Minecraft videos to show my friends.

A few months later, I had two major projects to do in school (for the subjects English and History). In the English project, I had to make a creative presentation about metaphors, and I had to compare myself to an object. In the History project, I had to make a presentation about one of the first five Presidents of the United States. And guess what? For both projects, I decided to make Minecraft videos. (I scored a 100 on both of the projects, by the way.)

I began making more short videos about Minecraft, especially on the server Hypixel. I considered creating a channel for some time but I dismissed the idea, until one of my friends told me that I was good at making videos and that I should begin a channel. A few days afterwards, he (SixFeetAway_) created his own. So I talked to my parents about creating a channel, and they said that if I wrote a blog post to go along with each video I made and related it to real life, they would consider it. I said sure. I also started editing videos for my friends at this time and I learned how to use a ton of new animations.

Recently I had made a video about my first dragon fight in Hypixel Skyblock and I decided that if I created a channel, that would be one of the first Minecraft videos I posted.

So this is how my blog is going to work: since my blog posts will be connected to my videos in some way, I will write a "Lesson of the Day" in each post. This should help make the videos relevant to real life, and it should help them teach something important.

Also, yesterday was Good Friday, which is a Christian holiday in which we mourn the death of Jesus Christ on the cross. As a Christian, though, I believe that Jesus defeated death and rose again on the third day, which will be tomorrow, or Easter Sunday.

For God so loved the world that He gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. (John 3:16, NIV)

Lesson of the Day: Perseverance

Today, we are going to discuss perseverance. By definition, perseverance is "persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success." This means that even when things go wrong, or when you feel like you failed, you keep on trying.

In the video, I, along with my friends and brother, decided to attempt to summon a dragon, in hopes of profiting by getting good loot. So we bought the necessary materials (which were not cheap). Unfortunately, we lost hundreds of thousands of coins and we got outdamaged by others who spent no money at all (getting top damage gives you a higher chance at loot). My friends and my brother and I were very disappointed with the results.

However, we all recovered from that loss and shook it off. We definitely plan to do more dragons in the future, and we still enjoy playing the game. In other words, we persevered instead of quitting dragons forever (which we actually considered).

A time I had to persevere in my own life was in my swimming. I am a competitive swimmer, and last year I had a goal: to get an A time in the 200 yard IM to qualify for a swim meet called Greater Southwest, which was hosted by my own swim team. In the meet, select teams from all over the United States sent swimmers to compete. I had never qualified for the meet before, although I had attended each one to watch, and last year was the final opportunity for me to swim in the meet. I was sure that I could qualify. After all, I just had to drop 3 seconds on the 200 IM in order to make the cut, and short course season had just begun. In previous years, I had always been able to drop that many seconds in a few months. However, I hit a road bump in my swimming life. For the first time ever, I swam a long series of bad meets. I tried and tried to drop time and attended more than 5 meets trying to reach my goal, but I gained time - not only on the 200 IM, but on all my other events as well. Near the end of the year, I swam my worst meet ever. I gained time on every single one of my events. My last chance to qualify for Greater Southwest came - and it passed.

I was 0.73 seconds off my goal time.

After the last meet before Greater Southwest, I was crestfallen and downcast, and I felt like a failure in swimming. I was very saddened for days after, knowing I would never compete in that swim meet, and knowing that I was so close to qualifying - 0.73 seconds off. But as time passed, I finally accepted that there would be more swim meet opportunities in the future, and I ended up volunteering as a timer at the event.

I persevered in my swimming by getting over my failures last year. I am prepared for this season, even though many of us are quarantined at home because of corona virus. When I get back in the pool, I will continue training, and I will qualify for many more great meets in the near future.

Hope you have a great day, and stay healthy.

You can watch the video on YouTube here.

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