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September 2020

[09-21-2020] Video: How to Beat Livid in Dungeons Floor 5 | Hypixel Skyblock

Yes, yes, I know it's Monday and I've got school, but I made this video yesterday and I didn't want to put two videos two days in a row like I did last week so I'm just publishing it today :) Hope you enjoy!

So I'm actually experimenting with different font styles in my videos and trying to find the best method, if you have any suggestions please let me know!

And I've actually got a swim meet coming up this weekend. It's the first one I'll be attending since the pandemic hit and the last one before I age up, so there's a bit of pressure that I feel to do well there. But I'll write more on that next week after I've finished racing.

That's it! Short blog post today!

You can watch the video on YouTube here.

[09-19-2020] Video: The Quest for Every Minecraft Achievement | Sweaty Survival [1]

Today we'll be introducing a new Minecraft series with some of my friends, and the end goal is to get every achievement in Minecraft 1.16+! This series will (hopefully) last a long time, but I can't wait to see where this takes us!

Shoutout to Firemage_X for providing this series idea and inviting everyone to it!

School - Week 6

At this time I feel like there has actually been a slight drop in the workload that we're being given. Well, I mean, not actually, but I'm starting to become more efficient managing the work and I think I'm getting things done faster. I mean, my Chinese teacher assigned 5 assignments in a single day - 3 to be completed by Friday and 2 by Monday. I finished the ones due on Friday on the first day. And in Prof Comm, we were supposed to spend the entire week researching a topic but I finished by Wednesday. And I can assure you, it was decent quality.

I'm also planning to do an incredibly crazy IRP Project. My plan is to create a Minecraft custom map, essentially, that basically guides you through the programming languages Java and Python. It doesn't seem like much at first glance, but the sheer amount of command block knowledge, paired with building ability and knowledge of both Java and Python, makes this an extremely difficult project to pull off. But nevertheless this is a project that I am interested in doing and I think it could be something quite special if my proposal is approved.

You can watch the video on YouTube here.

[09-12-2020] Video: Election and Mythological Update, Community Center and more! (Skyblock Patch 0.9) | Hypixel Skyblock

New update hype :)

School - Week 5

Okay... so school has been getting more difficult in terms of the workload and we're getting assignments even on the weekends now, which kinda sucks. But at least we only had 3 days of school this week because of labor day and a student holiday, which was neat. The Hypixel Skyblock update actually released on Tuesday so I got to experience a bit of it and record some footage. But anyways, some students have gone back to campus already for school (which I don't understand) but I'm still taking it online. It's a bit difficult learning like this.

Moving on, I originally had another video (The 5 Star Frozen Scythe - Published 9/13/2020) planned for this weekend but then the update came out so I guess I'll be posting two videos under the same blog post? Does that work?

Also be on the lookout for a new Minecraft series that Firemage_X invited me to collaborate on. You'll see that in a week or two!

You can watch the first video on YouTube here.

You can watch the second video on YouTube here.

[09-06-2020] Video: Spirit Boots are Actually BROKEN (Evaluation and Gameplay) | Hypixel Skyblock

In this video, we will be testing out the Spirit Boots in Hypixel Skyblock. This item is supposedly really good and we'll be doing an evaluation of them today.

School - Week 3 and Week 4

So I had a ton of tests this week, and for the first time ever I've had to actually study for more than an hour for a test. Biology and humanities seem to be the toughest subjects I have. Every time I think I've got the material down, something new pops up that I've somehow missed. I had to cram in 9 pages of notes the day before my first biology test to make sure that I got everything down, and after the test I found myself adding in more notes because apparently some material on the test was new. It was tough. And my AP CSP teacher assigned a test with a 24-hour time window to complete it on a Saturday. Like, for real? On the weekend?

At least Professional Communcations is easy. We spent the first three weeks learning about "organization and personality and learning styles", and on the fourth Friday we had a 5-minute class. The teacher let us out with no work since the quiz wouldn't load. And geometry is a piece of cake since I took it over the summer.

Anyways, I'm starting to look towards next year already and I think I'm going to CBE Algebra 2 and swim for school if I make the varsity team.


You can watch the video on YouTube here.

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