Hey, it's minioneyes! In my free time I'm a video editor, minigame creator, and website designer. I also like to code, and so far I've learned JSON, JavaScript, Python, HTML5, and CSS.

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A Datapack is a downloadable set of JSON, MCMETA, and MCFUNCTION files that can be placed in the "datapacks" folder of a world to use custom creations. In this section you can find original Datapacks that I've made for you guys. You may use them in your worlds, but please credit me by linking my website or channel. Also, please do not upload my work anywhere as I've spent hours writing the code for each of these Datapacks. Thanks, and enjoy!

To use a Datapack, download and unzip the folder from the website. Then, place the pack into the "datapacks" folder of your world. You can access your world folder by going to the singleplayer menu in Minecraft and pressing "Edit World", and then selecting "Open World Folder". After loading the Datpack, enter your world and run the command: /datapack enable "name_of_datapack". To reload the pack, use the command /reload.

Java Edition (1.16.3+)

Skyblock Items

LCM Laser Beam

Necron Revived


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