Minecraft Minioneyes – My Stories…

Hello everyone, my name is Minioneyes. (Yellowducky2, Mt.Hockaloogie and Wanahockaloogie will want to read this; they are my Minecraft friends.)

I will talk about:

1# – How I learned about Minecraft. Well, Mt.Hockaloogie first told me about Minecraft, and since then, I’ve played Minecraft a lot!

2# – How my friends play Minecraft with me. First, I played on Mt.Hockaloogie’s server, but afterwards, he wanted to play on my server. Then Wanahockaloogie and Yellowducky2 also played on my server. All of us built amazing things which I will talk about later.

3# – What I am working on. For now, I am working on a game of spleef so everyone can play together! (You know, the game that you’re trying to dig under people’s feet to make them fall and be the last one alive?)

4# – What we all have made. Well, there are a lot. We made a secret base in the Nether, Mt.Hockaloogie made a boat for me and also made his own house above water, I made a diving board that drops you into slime blocks, Mt.Hockaloogie and I made a roller-coaster ride, Yellowducky2 helped make a temple on a floating island, Wanahockaloogie made a redstone circuit that shoots snowballs, and he also made his own private base in the Overworld.

That’s all for now, so read more on the sub-pages!!!

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