Dirtcow24 & Slimejumper98’s Adventures



Dirtcow24 was in his leather armor, holding his iron sword.  His companion, Slimejumper98, was wearing iron armor and had his diamond sword ready.  At the moment, they were hunting for pigs.  “This is boring” said Slimejumper.  He did not like having to wait for animals.  “It’s OK, just wait for a few more minutes” said Dirtcow.  Soon enough, some pigs came out of the bushes.  Slimejumper pulled out his bow.  He aimed at the pigs, then fired one good shot that gave pork chops.  “Now can we go home?” asked Slimejumper98.  “Okay,” said Dirtcow24.  Just then, they both saw a figure run past them but they were tired, so they went to bed.

The next morning, Dirtcow24 looked in the chest for the pork chops.  To his surprise, they were gone!  Luckily, their armor and weapons were there.  He grabbed his armor, sword, and bow.  Then he went to Slimejumper98’s house and woke him.  Slimejumper also grabbed his armor and weapons.  Together they went out to find their food.  “I wonder if there is a griefer around here,” said Dirtcow.  “I’ve heard there was somebody in the area that LOVES pork chops.  His name is PorkEater271.”  “I heard of him too,” said Slimejumper98.  “Let’s pay a visit to his house.”

<Knock, knock.>  PorkEater271 hesitated to open the door.  “Who is it?” he asked.  “Dirtcow24 and Slimejumper98.  We’re just here to, um, look around in your chests. Um.”  <Sigh.>  “Um… okay.  But don’t take anything!”  Sooner than later, Dirtcow saw something.  It was a couple of cooked pork chops in a hidden chest!  “Hey!  Slimejumper!  I found something!”  Slimejumper came over, took the meat, and walked over to PorkEater271.  “Did you steal the pork chops from us?” asked Slimejumper.  “Um, well…maybe, maybe not.  Find evidence.”  “Whatever,” said Slimejumper98.  “Can I have this meat?”  “Of course not!” said PorkEater.  “I told you to find evidence first!”

But soon, Dirtcow24 did find evidence.  He found a tunnel underground from his house to PorkEater’s house. There was also a sign in the tunnel that said, “Pork_Eater_222, don’t tell anyone that I stole Dirtcow and Slimejumper’s pork chops!”  Dirtcow met PorkEater271 at his house.  “You got something to say?” asked Dirtcow24 as he led PorkEater down the tunnel.  “Because I want my pork chops.”  “Fine,” said PorkEater.  “I’ll tell you who I’m working with and give you the meat.” Dirtcow24 got the pork chops and learned that Pork_Eater_222 was his best friend who also loved pork.  PorkEater271 and Pork_Eater_222 wanted to do something for Dirtcow24 and Slimejumper98.  Dirtcow said, “How about you build both of us cobblestone walls?”



Dirtcow24 munched on a cookie, thinking how good it would be to have some kind of pet.  “What about a dog named SheepTerror365?” he thought aloud.  He decided that would be his goal-to get a dog.  He fired three arrows at the front door of Slimejumper98’s house-the signal for help.  Slimejumper arrived almost immediately, wearing all his armor and holding his sword.  “What is it?” he asked.  “Did someone rob your iron sword?  A dozen creepers in your backyard?”  Dirtcow24 slapped himself on the forehead.  “No, no!  I need help finding a wolf so I can tame it for it to become our pet!  Did I get out of control?  I don’t expect that question to be answered.”  “Well, first of all, I know where to find wolves.  They are found in the Jungle.  Second, be careful. If you hit only one of them, the whole pack will attack you.”  “So?  What are we waiting for?  Let’s go!”

“Okay, we’re over here, and there are wolves over there” said Dirtcow24.  “But there is a ravine dividing the land.  How are we going to get across?  I only have 6 cobblestone.”  “Don’t worry, I got a stack of cobblestone!” said Slimejumper.  Soon, they were on the other side of the ravine looking for wolves.  Finally, they spotted a baby wolf hiding in a bush.  “I got bones!” said Dirtcow.  He tamed the wolf, and instantly the wolf had a red collar!  “I’ll name you SheepTerror365,” said Dirtcow24.  “Come on!  Let’s get home before night comes!”  It was getting dark; there was moaning in the distance.  Suddenly, half a dozen zombies appeared from some tall grass!  “Attack!”  said Slimejumper98.  Together, with the help of SheepTerror, they defeated the zombies and went home safely.



Dirtcow24 was worried.  His iron sword was low on durability, and tonight he had to go to training camp.  So he shot the three arrows, and soon Slimejumper98 arrived.  “What is it this time?  A wither in the basement?  Some zombies stepping on your wheat farm?” Slimejumper asked.  “I need a new iron sword before tonight and I can’t find any iron in my mines!” said Dirtcow.  “I really need help,” he continued.  “I got just the right thing for you.  Follow me!” Slimejumper said.

“A ravine!?” asked Dirtcow24, shocked.  “Yup.” said Slimejumper98.  “I already see iron at the bottom of it.  Plus, it could lead to an abandoned mineshaft, dungeon, or stronghold.”  “Okay,” said Dirtcow.  As they made their way down, it grew darker.  A skeleton spawned and shot Dirtcow24 off the narrow ledge.  “Dirtcow!  Are you OK?” asked Slimejumper98.  “Yeah, I landed in a waterfall.  Jump down!  It won’t hurt” said Dirtcow24.  Slimejumper hesitated for a moment; then he jumped in.  Surprisingly, he didn’t take any damage.  He had landed on the waterfall!

“Dirtcow!  I found two blocks of iron ore!  Just enough to make a sword!” said Slimejumper.  “Really?  I found twenty-four!  Enough to make a full set of iron armor!” said Dirtcow24.  After mining the iron, they happily went home and crafted Dirtcow iron armor and weapons.



Dirtcow24 woke up early in the morning.  He walked over to the kitchen to prepare breakfast – bread with a cup of water and cookies for dessert.  “Wake up, SheepTerror365!  Breakfast is ready!” said Dirtcow.  Usually, Sheepterror would wake up immediately and go to the kitchen table, but today, he didn’t.  Dirtcow checked his dog’s bedroom.  Nothing.  What happened? thought Dirtcow.  He also looked checked the dog care center where SheepTerror liked to play.  Still, nothing.  So again he shot those three arrows.  Slimejumper98 arrived sooner than expected this time.  “SheepTerror is missing!  I must find him!” Dirtcow said.

“You mean he’s stolen or something?” asked Slimejumper98.  “Yeah!  He knows better than to just walk out of the house,” said Dirtcow24.  “Have you ever heard of Griefer_Wolf456?” asked Slimejumper.  “Because he loves to steal wolves.  Plus, I know where he lives.”  “What are we waiting for?  I want my dog, and he’s gonna pay for this.  Let’s go!” said Dirtcow24.

Greifer_Wolf456’s house looked quite neat, except for his really mean face and the bones in the backyard.  “WHAT DO YOU WANT HERE???” he shouted.  Dirtcow24 answered, “Um… I just want to see if my…um…ah… – ”  “SEE IF YOUR DOG IS HERE???  OF COURSE YOUR DOG IS HERE!!!  SHEEPTERROR365, RIGHT???  I AM ACTUALLY AN ANIMAL DOCTOR, AND I WAS SPYING ON YOUR DOG AT NIGHT.  I FIGURED HE HAD A STOMACH ACHE.  SORRY FOR TAKING YOUR DOG,” said Griefer_Wolf.  He gave Dirtcow back his dog.  Later Dirtcow24 said to Sheepterror365, “Looks like you’re having a late breakfast, SheepTerror.”



Slimejumper98 looked out his window.  He really wanted a pet ocelot, but they were hard to find because they only lived in jungles, usually on the tall trees.  So this time Slimejumper shot the three arrows.  Dirtcow24 came running over and asked, “What is it?  You know, it is only ONE O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING AND I’M TIRED!?!?  Sorry…”  “OK, let’s wait until morning to do this, but I want a pet ocelot,” said Slimejumper.  “What are you going to name it?” asked Dirtcow.  “Well, I think I’ll name it…um…CreeperTerror999,” said Slimejumper98.  “Let’s go to sleep now,” he continued.

“Sorry, SheepTerror, you can’t come with me today; it’s too dangerous.  Guard the house while I’m gone, OK?  Good dog” said Dirtcow24.  Dirtcow went to Slimejumper’s house where they started on their journey to the jungle.  It didn’t take as long as expected, but as soon as they got there, they realized that they didn’t bring fish; the only way to tame ocelots were to feed them fish.  “Where’s the river?” asked Dirtcow24.  ”Only one hundred blocks away?” said Slimejumper98.

They got to the river, and reached into their inventories.  Only Slimejumper had his fishing rod.  Dirtcow left his at home.  So Slimejumper98 threw his line into the water, and after awhile, a fish fell for the bait.  “We got fish!” said Slimejumper.  So they went back on the long journey back to the jungle.  But when they got there, there were no ocelots in sight!  They searched the jungle, but no one saw any ocelots.  “This is frustrating” said Dirtcow24.  “Just a little longer please?” asked Slimejumper98.  At last, they found one baby ocelot hidden in a bush.  It didn’t have parents, so Slimejumper tamed it and it was named CreeperTerror999.  So, Slimejumper98 happily went home and played with his new pet cat.



Today Dirtcow24 was happy; it was his birthday!  He invited Slimejumper98 and CreeperTerror999 to come to a birthday party.  The party would have cookies, cake, and a jukebox with Dirtcow’s favorite song.  The party would start at 7:00pm; way more time than needed.  By 4:00pm, he had everything set up.  Then, he went to use the bathroom.  When he finished using the bathroom, he found the cake missing!  Everything else was OK, though.

Dirtcow24 and Slimejumper98 checked under bushes and in the trees.  Where is it? thought Slimejumper and Dirtcow.  Finally, Dirtcow found his cake hidden one block underground.  “I found it!” he said.  They took the cake back to his house and found it was already 6:58!  “It’s almost time,” said Dirtcow24.  Soon, they were enjoying cake and cookies, and watched a movie directed by Gameknight999.  They had a good time.


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