The Cave Adventure

Book #3 In The Minioneyes Minecraft Server Series


XPMaster, XPCrafter, EnderCrafter, XPOcean, and Dirt sat down in a cave near water, mostly because XPOcean would suffocate on land.  All of us have failed to destroy the users.  You have the ability to make anything in Minecraft.  Will you help us destroy the users? asked EnderCrafter.  DIRT thought about this.  He didn’t need their help, he could use command blocks to heal all his HP, and also the command blocks let him teleport.  Finally, DIRT agreed to join them, on one condition: he would be the commander of the mobs.  The others agreed.  Dirt made XPCrafter and XPMaster the generals and EnderCrafter his second-in-command.  XPOcean would be the Admiral of the Guardians, squids that worked for DIRT, and Elder Guardians.  So all of you have places in my army.  Now, ENDERMEN!  MAKE ME A THRONE!!! shouted DIRT.  The Endermen teleported around moving stone and obsidian into place as an evil-looking throne started to take shape.  Everything is as I want it, and soon, I will take over the world! said DIRT to no one.  He looked at the massive army of Zombies, Skeletons, Spiders, and the dreaded Creepers.  DIRT, your throne is ready! said an Enderman.  DIRT walked over to the new throne and sat on it.  XPCrafter, assemble an army of at least 500 mobs, said DIRT.


Grieferknight looked at his opponent, Minioneyes.  He knew that he had to be ready to fight a massive army of mobs.  “Ready for another round?” asked Grieferknight.  “Of course!” replied Minioneyes, swinging his wooden sword.

“I think we are ready to fight the mobs,” said Yellowducky2, putting on his diamond armor.  Everyone put on their gear.  Minioneyes pulled out a command block, set it down, and typed in a command.  A few moments later, everyone received a potion of swiftness and leaping.  MtHockaloogie grabbed some bread and apples.  Spawner pulled out a wolf spawn-egg.  Tamer pulled out a bone.  Shearer just stood staring at a sheep.  Minioneyes pulled out a enchanted diamond sword, and Yellowducky2 pulled out a map.  WanaHockaloogie pulled out a enchanted bow.  Grieferknight pulled out a splash potion of harming.  “Are we ready to go?” asked Minioneyes.  “Yeah,” said Yellowducky2.  Then, they all ran through the forest, hoping to find their enemy.


Finally, the group stopped for lunch.  As they ate, Minioneyes looked around, saw a cave, and asked, “Do you think DIRT would hide in a cave?”  “Um, yes, he’s a Zombie anyway,” said Tamer.  So, after lunch, they went into the cave, placing torches on the walls.  Suddenly, a Cave Spider jumped out of the shadows and onto the group.

Minioneyes saw that following the Cave Spider were Zombies, Skeletons, and Creepers…Creepers.  There were Creepers!!!  Minioneyes drew his sword and sliced at a Skeleton over and over again until it died.  Minioneyes needed to take out the archers.  Finally, the last Skeleton died, and he moved on to the Creepers.  Somewhere, a Creeper exploded and sent a number of Zombies flying into the air.  As the last Creeper died, Yellowducky2 saw a wounded Zombie running through a narrow passage.  The Zombie pulled a lever, and the entrance to the passage exploded into bits.  At last, MtHockaloogie killed the last few Zombies.  Tamer ran through the arena, collecting all the bones.  WanaHockaloogie collected all the arrows.  “I think this is a secret entrance,” said Yellowducky2, inspecting the passage.


Grieferknight placed a torch on the wall.  They could just see the Zombie very, very far away.  Then, the Zombie pulled another lever, and the block that they were standing on exploded.  They were standing on TNT.  “Is everyone OK?” asked Shearer.  “Yes.”  “Yeah.”  “Of course, I have diamond armor.” came the replies.  Grieferknight pulled out his bread and ate.  He had taken damage.  Yellowducky2 accidentally stepped on a trip-wire.  Two arrows shot out of a dispenser, but just barely missed him.  WanaHockaloogie looked inside the dispenser and was happy to find it full of arrows.  Finally, after coming across a lot of traps, the group stumbled across a very large cave filled with iron, coal, gold, redstone, and lots of lava.


Grieferknight cautiously stepped forward.  He felt for his diamond sword, hearing an unusual noise, like an Ender Dragon… The Ender Dragon, in the distance.  Of course, there were an army of mobs blocking the way.  Yellowducky2 looked up just as a Spider jumped onto him.  Attack!!! shouted Grieferknight.  Spawner spawned some wolves.  Tamer tamed them.  They all attacked the approaching army of at least a thousand mobs – more than a hundred to one, not counting the wolves.  Minioneyes swung his sword wildly, accidentally striking Tamer.  That hurt! exclaimed Tamer.  Sorry, said Minioneyes.  A Creeper exploded behind the users, and the entire team turned around.  The mobs took this advantage to pull a lever which moved the blocks under the users, making them fall into another cave while the Skeletons shot arrows at them.  Grieferknight, along with his friends, took cover under some stones.  They ate bread as the mobs, one by one, returned to their Master, DIRT.  I think “DIRT” should now be called the “Zombie King” because – hey, he’s a Zombie, right? asked M_H_F.  Most of them agreed.  Then, we stiil have a mission – to defeat the Zombie King and his generals, said Grieferknight.  MtHockaloogie took out an anvil and an enchantment book.  This book will make ice under you when you walk on water, making it impossible to drown, he said.  He took off his boots.  He enchanted them.  Then, he put his boots back on.  This will be useful because there is a moat of water around the Zombie King’s stone castle, he said.  Let’s go!