The Desert Mission

Book #2 In The Minioneyes Minecraft Server Series


Yellowducky2 begged Minioneyes to step on the stone pressure plate, but Minioneyes wanted to ride the roller-coaster.  Finally, Minioneyes climbed up the ladder, stepped on the pressure plate, and a piston pushed Yellowducky2 into the water below.  That was fun, you should try it, Minioneyes, typed Yellowducky2.  What’s going on? asked Spawner.  It looks fun, whatever they’re doing, said Shearer.  Okay, Yellowducky2, you had it.  Now we’re going to ride the ‘coaster, said Minioneyes.  Can we join you? asked Tamer.   #1 MINUTE LATER…     This is awesome! typed MtHockaloogie.  Hey, has any of you thought about finding a desert? asked WanaHockaloogie.

Okay, we’re ready.  We have water bottles, potions, food, armor, tools, cobblestone, obsidian, torches, TNT, flint-and-steel, dispensers, redstone, levers, milk, maps, Tamer’s wolfs, boats, beds, rails, minecarts, and weapons, said Yellowducky2.  Minioneyes took his armor off his armor stand.  MtHockaloogie took the map, milk, and the beds.  WanaHockaloogie grabbed the potions and cobblestone.  Tamer took the food (not surprisingly), his wolfs, and the obsidian.  Spawner picked up the redstone and levers.  Yellowducky2 took the boats, rails, and minecarts.  Minioneyes took the TNT and flint-and-steel.  Then, MtHockaloogie leading the group, they walked towards the direction of the desert.  By the time they got there, though, they were exhausted.  And to make matters worse, it was nighttime.  MtHockaloogie set down their beds and they slept.


Minioneyes was the first to wake up the next morning.  He put on his armor and woke the others.  Then, he went up to the nearest cacti and started to hit the bottom with a diamond pickaxe.  Soon, it shattered and he picked up the cactus.  He repeated until he got a stack, then joined his friends for breakfast.  For breakfast, they had a slice of melon, bread, and a cup of water.  Then, they continued walking further into the desert.  After a few hours of walking, sprinting, and climbing, Minioneyes spotted a sandstone watchtower; it belonged to a village.  I see a village in the distance!  Let’s go! typed Minioneyes.  The friends sprinted towards the village.  They got there just as the sun touched the horizon.  In the distant sand-mountain, they heard moans likely coming from Zombies; the village could be attacked at any moment, so they put a three-block tall wall around the village made of cobblestone.  Then, the Zombies started their attack.


When the Zombies reached the wall, they stopped.  One Zombie walked away and returned with a dozen Creepers.  All the Zombies stepped back as the Creepers exploded a gigantic hole in the wall.  Then, the Zombies rushed forward.  Minioneyes, Yellowducky2, and Spawner fought the Zombies while Shearer, WanaHockaloogie, MtHockaloogie, and Tamer worked on a new obsidian wall.  Finally, the wall was finished and Minioneyes, Yellowducky2, and Spawner sprinted back inside through an iron door.  Then, Shearer flipped the lever and the door closed.  But the Zombies would not give up.  Another Zombie walked away again and returned with a horde of Spiders.  The Zombies got onto the spiders who carried them over the wall.  Then, the Spiders went back outside the village and Endermen teleported them away.  This time, WanaHockaloogie, Yellowducky2, and Tamer, equipped with 20 of his wolfs (the other 2,000 were inside a villager’s house).  Minioneyes, MtHockaloogie, Spawner, and Shearer constructed TNT cannons.  When the cannons were ready, they fired the bombs into the never-ending crowd of Zombies.  The TNT quickly took down the Zombies.  The remaining ones retreated into a sandstone cave as the sun peeked over the horizon.  The users had won the fight!


In the afternoon, they talked about how they would survive the next horde of Zombies.  Minioneyes stood up and refilled the TNT cannons.  The users came with him.  Then, Tamer built an obsidian overhang so that the Spiders couldn’t get over.  They also put a water moat so the Endermen could not teleport the Zombies over.  Suddenly, Yellowducky2 saw a figure approaching.  When the figure got close enough, Yellowducky2 saw his name was Trader.  They talked to Trader, and Trader agreed to be their friend.  Yellowducky2 learned that Trader was good at convincing villagers to give him a discount or something like that on his trades.  As a result, he had diamond armor and an enchanted diamond sword.  After some talking, night came.


Minioneyes quickly put some cacti around the village as the first wave of Zombies approached.  WanaHockaloogie and Yellowducky2 were grading the iron door that led into the village.  A baby Zombie ran away for a moment, then returned with an Enderman and obsidian.  The Enderman built a Nether Portal.  Then, a Creeper got onto it and exploded, activating it.  A dozen Zombies got in and returned with buckets filled with lava.  They dumped the lava onto the water, turning it to cobblestone.  Then, the Enderman built a bridge onto the wall made of dirt.  The Zombies charged onto the bridge.  Suddenly, a flaming arrow from Trader’s enchanted bow struck a clump of TNT floating in the air.  The TNT fell onto the wall just as the first wave of Zombies got on.  The red bombs exploded and destroyed the wave of Zombies.  TNT cannons fired cubes of explosive blocks into the army of Zombies.  The Zombies quickly lost their numbers, and then the sun rose.  All the remaining Zombies burned up in the daylight.  The baby Zombies fled into a cave.  Again, the users had won!


🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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Wanahockaloogie stood on the watchtower of the village.  Suddenly, he saw a distant desert temple.  Hey, I found something, he typed.  What did you find?  Some mobs? asked Yellowducky2.  WanaHockaloogie told the users about the desert temple.  Then, they set off to find it.  After 45 minutes of sprinting, they got to the temple, exhausted.  As they entered, a Witch came out holding a splash potion of poison!  WanaHockaloogie took off his armor and held a stone sword.  Then, he defeated the Witch.  WanaHockaloogie put on his armor and they went into the temple.  Suddenly, Spawner shouted out, Help!  I fell into a hole filled with TNT!  Minioneyes took out ladders, set them down, and Spawner climbed up.  They carefully walked deeper into the temple.  Occasionally, a few Zombies attacked them, who were little damage, but wasting their sword’s durability.  Soon, they got to a tunnel with an iron door in front of it.  Spawner stepped on the pressure plate and entered the tunnel.  As soon as he was inside, a griefer hit Spawner into an obsidian room!  The griefer had enchanted diamond armor, enchanted diamond sword, and enchanted bow.  Behind him stood a massive army of griefers wearing iron armor and holding diamond swords.  There were also griefer archers with chainmail armor and bows.  Beware of the griefer army! shouted the leader.


A figure snuck up behind the leader.  The figure had basically everything the leader of the griefers had, but also had potions of leaping, swiftness, night vision, and invisibility.  The figure’s name.  Was.  Grieferknight.  Grieferknight struck the leader with an enchanted diamond sword.  The leader caught on fire and was knocked back as he turned around to see who hit him.  He saw Grieferknight who was eating a piece of melon.  The two enchanted diamond-clad users fought with each other.  Griefer-knight!  Griefer-knight! said Minioneyes.  What? he added.  What’s going on up there, and who’s Grieferknight? asked Spawner from his obsidian cage.  Grieferknight defeated the leader with 3 HP left.  He ate a golden apple.  Then, the amazing battle of users against griefers begun.  The users were outnumbered 25 to 1; not as bad as last time they were in battle.  With Grieferknight (Minioneyes’ brother) on the users’ side, they defeated the griefers.  Then Grieferknight told everyone who he was.  Um, I’m still stuck in here… said Spawner.  Grieferknight poured a bucket of water down the obsidian so that Spawner could swim up.  Then, Grieferknight picked up the water.  Together, they walked up to the bock of blue wool.  They dug it, avoided the stone pressure plate, and took the loot.  In the first chest, there were 7 diamonds, 1 command block, and 3 saddles.  In the second, there were 9 iron, 17 redstone, and 13 TNT.  In the third, there were 6 emeralds, and 4 gold ingots.  In the last chest, they found 19 wolf spawn-eggs, and 37 enchantment books.  The group walked out of the temple and towards the village.


Soon, they got back.  Minioneyes looked like he was typing something.  Then, a few moments later, a villager NPC appeared.  His name was DIRT.  DIRT would trade anything for just a block of dirt.  THIS IS AWESOME!!! 🙂 said Yellowducky2, who was giving away all his dirt for diamonds and command blocks.  Everyone quickly got enchanted diamond armor, enchanted bows, and enchanted diamond swords.  Then, Minioneyes made a horse appear under DIRT, equipped with a saddle and diamond horse armor.  They tied a rope to the horse and attached the other end of the rope to a fence post.  Stay there, said Tamer.  Why are you so good at making animals listen to you, a stranger asked.  The group turned around at the same time to see an iron armored person named MINECRAFT_HAPPY_FACE.  Can I join your league-whatever-this-thing’s-name-is? asked M_H_F.  Yes, you can said Shearer.  We have to protect this village from the mobs, said MtHockaloogie.  Minioneyes went to DIRT and returned with enchanted diamond armor.  Then, he gave it to M_H_F.  As expected, night came soon.


The Zombies quickly crowded around the iron door.  They had a Creeper with them, who blew up at the iron door, but it held up.  Then, the Zombies returned with an Ender Dragon!  All the Zombies got on, and the Dragon took them to the other side of the wall.  While the Ender Dragon flew away, the Zombies fought the users.  50 of Tamer’s wolfs were helping the users fight the Zombies.  Finally, the village’s Iron Golem joined the fight and the users destroyed the rest of the Zombies.  As the users took the XP, morning came and they ate breakfast happily, knowing that they finally beat the Zombies; at least in this village.


After breakfast, Yellowducky2 typed, I’m going to go to DIRT to get a new diamond sword.  Yellowducky2 searched the village, trying to find DIRT.  When he finally saw the name DIRT through a wall of a house (you can see name tags through walls in Minecraft) he ran to the door, opened it and ran in.  But, instead of seeing a villager, he found an enchanted diamond armored Zombie, holding in one hand an enchanted diamond sword and in the other hand an enchanted bow.  Dirt must have been infected by a Zombie somehow, so he is now a Zombie Villager! thought Yellowducky2.  DIRT aimed his bow at Yellowducky2 and fired an arrow at Yellowducky2’s right leg.  The shot easily took down 7 hearts, and still left Yellowducky2 on fire.  I NEED HELP!!! typed Yellowducky2 quickly.  Seconds later, his friends arrived and was faced by a Zombie that could do basically anything.  DIRT ran out of the house and mined 2 blocks of dirt.  Then, he traded with himself for a potion of swiftness and a potion of invisibility, then escaped by drinking the potions.  Don’t try to catch him, we can’t even see him, typed Minioneyes.


Grieferknight typed, let’s go back to your home and get ready for the next battle.  Everyone agreed.  They had to go home.  So everyone packed up their stuff and made sure one last time the village was defended, then with MtHockaloogie leading, everyone walked towards home.  WanaHokaloogie fought off the Zombies on the way, and finally they got back home.


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