The Minecraft Transporter #1,000

Book #1 In The Minioneyes Minecraft Server Series

CHAPTER #1 – GREIFING, SERVERS, AND MONSTER SPAWNERS Yellowducky2 stared at the wooden house in front of him.  A “noob” lived here; a beginner player.  Yellowducky2 switched to his flint-and-steel, then struck the house a couple of times.  That should do it, he thought to himself.  He ran off and disconnected from the server.


A few days later Yellowducky2 clicked Multiplayer and joined “Minioneyes Minecraft Server.”  Minioneyes was his Minecraft friend.  Yellowducky2 and Minioneyes liked to play together on that server.  But before Yellowducky2 joined the server, he noticed a small box sitting in the corner of the room.  He opened it, and found something like a monster spawner without a monster inside.  Yellowducky2 went back to the game and connected to the server.  Just then, a type said, Minioneyes joined the server.  They played on the server for a while, but suddenly a green and blue beam coming from the “spawner” struck him, making him feel like he was standing on fire and ice at the same time!  WHAT IS HAPPENING??? he thought, then, he blacked out.


Yellowducky2 slowly woke in a comfortable bed.  He looked around, and found something odd; he was standing in a wooden house, nothing like his own.  What’s going on? thought Yellowducky2.  Suddenly, words formed in his mind.  Yellowducky2, are you there?  I need help building an arena.  Minioneyes:)  someone typed into chat.  “I’m in Minioneyes Minecraft Server; this is my Spawnpoint,” said Yellowducky2 to himself.  Focusing, Yellowducky2 replied to the message: I’m here at my Spawnpoint, and I’m stuck in Minecraft here… suddenly, he heard a dozen zombies heading towards him.  I need help!!! cried Yellowducky2.


A few seconds later, Minioneyes appeared, but the zombies did not seem to notice; Minioneyes was in Creative.  He fought off the zombies with a diamond sword, then turned to Yellowducky2.  I’m going to turn you to Creative so no mobs attack you, but DO NOT take any TNT, typed Minioneyes.  A few seconds later, a powerful force entered Yellowducky2, and when he looked into his inventory, he found everything you could get in Minecraft – even that stinking rotten flesh.  Yellowducky2 jumped up in the air for joy, but found that he didn’t fall back down.  HE WAS FLYING!!!  Then, he settled back onto the floor and relaxed.  But then, he found an enchanted book.  It read, “You must get to the Stronghold if you would ever get back home.  Then face the Ender Dragon and defeat it; get the Egg and place it on a Zombie spawner.  After that, you must face an Elder Guardian and get it’s XP.  Put that on the spawner as well in a bottle.  Then, light will fill the spawner and you must get onto it; it will take you home.


Yellowducky2 suddenly felt something in his brain say HACKER joined the game.  HACKER typed in a command and vanished.  Yellowducky2 suddenly realized that he wasn’t in Creative anymore!  Luckily, Minioneyes was still in Creative and still had cheats, but for some reason could not change the gamemode, so Yellowducky2 was stuck in Survival.  What are we going to do? Yellowducky2 typed, focusing.  Suddenly, Minioneyes fell to the ground; Minioneyes was also in Survival now!  Luckily, he was wearing diamond armor and had a enchanted diamond sword, enchanted bow, arrows, and food.  Yellowducky2 told Minioneyes what the enchanted book said.  Follow me, I hid a chest underground while setting up that Survival challenge.  It has diamond armor, enchanted bow, and enchanted diamond tools, said Minioneyes.  Then, we can find a stronghold, but I don’t have Eyes of Ender… let’s go! he continued.  then, they ran to the chest and grabbed the armor and weapons/tools, and a stack of torches.


Minioneyes led the way through the jungle using a map.  After an hour of walking, they arrived at a village.  Awesome, we can get the villagers to trade with us if only we had something to trade, said Yelloducky2.  Suddenly, three users popped into the village.  The first two were boys, and the last was a girl.  Their names were Spawner (who had every mob spawn-egg), Tamer (who knew what you needed to use to tame a mob and had all of those materials), and Shearer (who had shears of course and liked to dye wool).  All of them had iron armor, bows and arrows, and iron swords.  Unsure of what to do, Yellowducky2 said, Um, hello?  I need help getting out of Minecraft here… anything you can do?  Need to get to the Nether AND the End. 

The three users agreed to help Yellowducky2 get out of Minecraft.  Then, they traded with the villagers for resources.  Did I mention I brought potions? asked Minioneyes.  I got a villager to trade me an iron helmet said Tamer.  I have some bread said Minioneyes.  I got a Creeper spawn-egg from the blacksmith said Spawner.  I got colored wool said Shearer.  I got a compass and some redstone machines said Yellowducky2.  I think we’re ready to go, said Minioneyes.


Yellowducky2, Minioneyes, and their new friends walked through the jungle, searching for obsidian (to make a Nether Portal for Blaze Rods) and Endermen (for their Ender Pearls) so they could craft Eye of Ender.  They met a few mobs on the way who were quickly destroyed, but so far nothing more dangerous than a scratch or so.  Suddenly, Yellowducky2 said, I see a cave; the perfect place to find obsidian!  Everyone raced towards the cave, but when they got there, they were confronted by a diamond-armored Skeleton with an enchanted bow riding on a Cave Spider!  Behind them were about 250 Skeletons, 100 Zombies, 50 Creepers, and 200 Cave Spiders.  MEET THE KING OF THE OVERWORLD! shouted the Skeleton.  The name that was floating above the “Cave Jockey’s” head spelled out the word XPCrafter.  XPCrafter and the mobs rushed forward weapons extended, all pointing at Yellowducky2 and his friends.


You think a few users can stop me from taking over Minecraft, Yellowducky2? mocked XPCrafter.  Well, let’s see how you’re going to survive this, User-transported-into-Minecraft, he continued.  The mobs were now only 4 blocks away from them now.  Yellowducky2 and his friends held their swords and started to hit out at the mobs, but there were too many.  The front wave crashed into them.  Pain.  Loss of HP.  More pain.  Mobs dying.  The battle was almost unbeatable, 120 to 1.  Finally, Yellowducky2 decided to retreat and come back next time, so he and his friends sprinted to the nearest tree, put blocks under them, and got onto the tree.  The mobs, unable to get to them, went back to the cave.  Oh, I’m soooooooo hurt, said Yellowducky2 as he slowly chewed on a piece of bread.  I can’t feel it, but I only have 1 HP left, said Spawner.  I have 2, said Shearer.  Me?  I have 1 1/2 said Tamer.  Well, I have 1… wait a minute, do you remember we spawned some horses to ride?  If you all wait here, I can go get them, said Minioneyes.  Then, I can teleport back to you, he continued.  Sounds great, said Tamer, who was eating a piece of steak.


Getting back to “Minioneyes town” was not easy; the mobs were everywhere!  When Minioneyes finally reached the horses, he only had 1 HP left.  As he tied the horses to rope, he suddenly remembered something; he already had a Nether Portal right there!  So now he planned on teleporting them to him!  But before he could type in the command, he saw Yellowducky2 and the others running towards him shouting, Mobs are coming!  Help!  Minioneyes told everyone to get onto a horse, then led the way to the Nether Portal.  A few moments later, they all vanished into the flaming source of the Nether.

Minioneyes led the way to the secret base.  Then, he pushed a button somewhere Yellowducky2 couldn’t see,  and Minioneyes disappeared.  Where did he go? asked Yellowducky2.  Give me a second typed Minioneyes.  After a moment, everyone else also disappeared.  They reappeared in a chamber with an Ender Dragon Egg inside.  Follow me if you want to enchant your armor and weapons!  Then, we can have some refreshments and play a game; the winner wins this pair of diamond armor sitting on this armor stand! said Minioneyes.  Everyone lined up to go to the enchantment table.  While the others enchanted, Yellowducky2 and Minioneyes went to get some melons and cookies.  When they came back, everyone’s armor and weapons glowed blue and purple.  Look at me, I set this creeper on fire using my sword! said Spawner.  And look at me, I got refreshments! said Minioneyes.

Minioneyes set up the game while everyone else played with MtHockaloogie’s dogs.  When the game was ready, Minioneyes called everyone over.  Okay, here are the rules.  You may not dig up any part of the game.  You must guide your horse past the fences.  First one to the other side wins! said Minioneyes.  Immediately, everyone rode their horses towards the finish line.  Shearer and Yellowducky2 tied, so Minioneyes looked through chests, trying to find another set of diamond armor.  Finally, he found what he was looking for and gave the winners their armor.  Okay, we had fun.  Now it’s time to go find a Nether Fortress, said Minioneyes.


Minioneyes led the way out of the base, searching for a fortress.  Suddenly Spawner, who had been to many Nether Fortresses for their Blaze Spawners, said, Look!  I see a Fortress in the distance!  Everyone had left the horses in the base, so they sprinted towards the fortress.  After half an hour, they reached the fortress.  Tamer ran away for a moment, then returned with a stack of Nether Wart.  Then, everyone cautiously approached the spawning room.  But when they got there, they were greeted by a giant Blaze with iron armor; his name was XPMaster.  Behind him were about 1,000 blazes.  Trying to get some Blaze Rods, Yellowducky2?  XPCrafter told me you were coming.  Guess what?  I give you 3 seconds to run before all these Blazes attack you.  3…2…1…ATTACK!!! shouted XPMaster.  Yellowducky2 and his friends held their ground as the Blazes rushed forward.


The Blazes shot their fire charges at the small group.  Spawner, Tamer, and Shearer defended while Yellowducky2 and Minioneyes hit as many charges as possible, firing them back at the Blazes.  Then, they all rushed forward, swinging their swords at the Blazes, killing some, but still outnumbered 200 to 1.  After they had 30 Blaze Rods, they sprinted towards the exit, but XPCrafter was there to block their escape.  They turned around, and XPMaster was there.  They were trapped!  Not knowing what to do, everyone ran through XPCrafter’s mobs and ran into the secret base.  Whew, we’re safe, I got poisoned by a cave spider…ow, it still hurts, said Yellowducky2.  Minioneyes gave Yellowducky2 some milk to drink (it takes away poison effects) and crafted Eyes of Ender.  Meanwhile, Shearer looked outside; all the mobs were gone.


Yellowducky2, Minioneyes, Spawner, Tamer, and Shearer went back to the Nether Portal and entered it, appearing in the Overworld.  Minioneyes threw an Eye of Ender, which flew towards the Stronghold. Everyone went in that direction. About every 150 blocks, Minioneyes threw an Eye of Ender.  Finally, the Eye started to fly straight down.  Tamer and Yellowducky2 mined down while Minioneyes, Spawner, and Shearer enjoyed the ride.  At last, they all fell down onto the Silverfish spawner.  Minioneyes put a torch on the Monster spawner, Yellowducky2 destroyed the Silverfish, Tamer activated the End Portal, and Spawner dug the Silverfish Spawner and took it.  I want to go to the Stronghold chest, typed Minioneyes.  So they all went through the dark passages to the library, where the chest/chests were located.  In the chest, Minioneyes found a saddle, 2 Golden Apples, 1 enchantment book, and 48 obsidian.  Then, they raced back to the Portal and hopped in.


Everyone appeared on the main island of the dark End.  Immediately, they went to work.  Minioneyes built a fort out of the obsidian, Tamer destroyed the Ender Crystals, Shearer fired arrows from inside the fort, Spawner spawned Creepers to distract the Ender Dragon, and Yellowducky2 was the swordsman.  After hours of fighting, they defeated the dragon.  They took the Ender Dragon Egg Using a piston, but before they could get back, another Ender Dragon, this time with enchanted diamond armor, flew past and said, Meet EnderCrafter, the King of the End!  Intruders!  Attack them!  Suddenly, every Enderman in the end was provoked.  The Endermen teleported towards them.  This time, the army of mobs were too powerful.  They retreated into the Portal back home.  The friends could feel the Endermen shifting blocks to make the Portal big enough for the Dragon; they didn’t have much time.


As soon as they spawned in the Overworld, Minioneyes crafted 5 boats and gave one to each user (and one to the User-transported-into-Minecraft).  After that, Minioneyes gave everyone a stack of doors.  Then, they set down their boats in the water and sailed off.  I’m excited and nervous at the same time, said Minioneyes as they sailed.  But after a few days and still no sign of a monument, they began to lose hope.  Suddenly, an underwater structure was sighted.  This is it, said Spawner.  All of them jumped off their boats and swam down.

Inside, it was filled with water and very dark.  I can’t breath!!! shouted Yellowducky2.  Minioneyes set down a door so everyone could take in some air.  Then, he gave everyone a potion of night vision to see better.  Suddenly, Tamer got hit by a yellow beam.  It was a guardian!  Minioneyes and Spawner hit it over and over again until it died.  The group swam from place to place, trying to find an Elder Guardian.  Finally, they spotted one in a room guarding 9 gold blocks.  Everyone started hitting it as hard as they could, doing damage before getting shot.  After 30 minutes of fighting, they defeated it.  Yellowducky2 scooped up the XP and put it in the empty bottle where the night vision had been.  Now we can go back said Yellowducky2.


As soon as they exited the Monument, they were greeted by a giant squid wearing diamond armor and holding 8 diamond swords.  His name was XPOcean.  Behind him were 1,500 squids, all in iron armor, holding snowballs and iron swords.  Attack the people holding the Elder Guardian’s XP!!! shouted XPOcean.  Without oxygen, the small group of users quickly got into boats and sailed away.


Yellowducky2 and Minioneyes held torches; according to the map, the cave they were in would have a Zombie Spawner.  At last, they saw it sitting in a corner of the cave.  But suddenly, an explosion rocked the ground, and the Kings Of The 3 Dimensions crashed down (XPOcean didn’t come because there wasn’t any water).  You want to get to the Spawner?  You have to get past us, said EnderCrafter.  Behind them, as usual, were all their mobs.  THE USERS WERE OUTNUMBERED 2,000 TO 1!!!  Suddenly, a presence appeared behind Minioneyes; they were WanaHockaloogie (who destroyed 2 Witches with only a stone sword), and MtHochaloogie (who was able to build a lot of things and was able to use redstone).  Together, they distracted the mobs while Yellowducky2 put the Ender Dragon Egg and the bottle of XP on the Spawner.  Suddenly, light filled the room.  The mobs, seeing this, retreated back to their own cave.  That left the Kings.  Hey, who wants to fight? asked Yellowducky2, now in the real world.  The Kings slowly turned around and all got onto EnderMaster who flew away.


Minioneyes invited everyone to his wooden ship (it was kind of cramped).  There, they ate cake and cookies.  Then, still unable to turn to Creative, they went to the roller-coaster Minioneyes and MtHochaloogie built and rode on it for hours.  When they finally had enough fun, they happily went to bed, knowing the mobs wouldn’t come back anytime soon.


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