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May 2020

[05-26-2020] Video: Save MILLIONS on Pet Upgrades with this Simple Tip | Hypixel Skyblock

This video covers a simple fact that every Hypixel Skyblock player should know about upgrading pet rarities with Kat. This blog post was actually written like a month ago and was kept in reserve just because.

Lesson of the Day: Saving Money

Alright. Today we will learn the importance of saving up money. Saving can be hard, especially when there are so many things you want to buy. But let me tell you, saving up is worthwhile - not just in Skyblock, but in real life.

There are, of course, many benefits to saving up money. It can lower stress levels and allow you to take advantage of opportunities, for instance. Saving money also lets you stay away from debt in the future, and is simply a good habit to have.

How can you save money? Having a plan is a good start. You can commit to saving a certain amount of your income each month, if you work. If you haven't started working but you get an allowance, you can save it up for the future using a savings account instead of buying something you want at the moment.

I'm not a true expert on this topic, but in my gaming experience, I've learned how critical it is to save. Back when I was only making a few hundred thousand coins each week (in Skyblock), I kept myself from spending any money at all. It was pretty painful, not being able to buy the things I wanted. But before I knew it, I had enough to buy an Aspect of the Dragons, which was worth about 6 million coins at the time.

Also, when Skyblock first released, I was lucky enough to get my hands on an Enderman minion. Back then, Enderman minions were quite rare because the End hadn't been released yet. I commited myself to getting an Aspect of the End, which was considered the third best sword in the game (besides the Leaping Sword and Pigman Sword). And after a month or more of saving up, I crafted my AOTE before the End released. That was a pretty big acheivement for me.

You can watch the video on YouTube here.

[05-25-2020] Video: Minecraft Speedrun VS Hunter with Firemage_X

So Firemage_X invited me to do a video with him. In this video, his goal is to speedrun to the End, and I am trying to stop him. He only has one life, so if he dies before reaching the End, the game is over. I have infinite lives because that's how it works :)

Lesson of the Day: Handling Failure

This topic just popped into my head because a few days ago I was listening to a lesson about failure during an online meeting with my coach and swim team, but it kinda works for this. There are lots of times when I have failed at things in my life, whether it be a poor performance at a swim meet or messing up while playing the keyboard at church or having a bad attitude with my parents. But it's not failure that matters, it's how you recover. I've heard that statement from multiple places, and I think there's some truth in that.

I think failure is necessary for learning. One example I've heard is this: when you watch a baby first learn to walk, you've most likely seen them fall over and over again. Each time they fall, they get back up and try to hold on to something to get their balance, and they try to take a step. And they fall. They repeat that process over and over, and sometimes when they fall, they get back up smiling. But other times, they may hit their head on something and of course, they immediately begin crying. Eventually, though, they manage to take their first step. And then they learn to take another step, and another. Failure is an important part of learning, even if you don't realize it sometimes.

When I fail at something, I personally get very upset with myself. I kind of have a fear of being blamed for doing something wrong even if it's not my fault or if it's no big deal, I guess. Sometimes I get upset when something I don't especially like happens, and I act without thinking at all. But after a bit of time, I start feeling bad about myself instead of what I was initially upset with, because I failed to control my actions. But I guess I need to remember that failing is normal and it is a part of life, and I need to remember not to feel down but instead to learn from my mistakes - which can sometimes take multiple failures for me before I finally learn.

While I'm at this, I want to apologize if I've ever done anything that upset anyone. I probably wasn't thinking through my actions, and I'm sorry.

I don't really know what else to say, so I'll end here.

You can watch the video on YouTube here.

[05-19-2020] Video: [UPDATED] Monster Raider VS Strong w/ Tarantula Helmet | Hypixel Skyblock

Hello, just FYI, I'm taking down the old Monster Raider VS Strong w/ Tarantula Helmet video because I made an updated one. I don't think I have to write another blog post for the same video, so I'll just link the previous blog post.

You can watch the video on YouTube here.

[05-15-2020] Video: The Best Pets for Dungeons | Hypixel Skyblock

Hello, I made a video of the new Pets V2 Update that released on Hypixel Skyblock a few weeks back. I know the video was delayed, but that's because I'm trying to get used to a new editing software...

By the way, I recently did a complete remodeling of the website and its layout and design and whatnot, if you're reading this let me know what you think by leaving a comment on one of my videos!

If you watched the video, feel free to give feedback on how I can make it better!

Lesson of the Day: Don't Make Rushed Decisions...

Whenever Hypixel Skyblock comes out with a new update, prices of resources always shoot up. Many people are hyped about the new released items and waste all their money in getting them. This is obviously not a good thing to do, of course, but many times people get blinded by their excitement. This includes me.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is to be patient with your decisions. As with the game, if people are patient, they can get the same items that everyone is rushing for at a much cheaper price a week or two later. It's probably worth the wait.

This also goes with following the trend. Just because everyone else is obsessing about some new thing doesn't mean you should follow.

You can watch the video on YouTube here.

[05-10-2020] Happy Mother's Day!

Hello, Mommy! I want to take the time to say thanks for everything you do for me, and for all the hard work and effort you put in taking care of us. I don't know what I would do without you.

You and Daddy are always here for me, even when I'm disobedient. Thank you for that.

Happy Mother's Day! Love you.

[05-10-2020] One Month with a Channel...

I've had a channel for one month now, and it's been fun, and I guess I've done pretty good for a starter...

During this first month, my videos have gotten a total of 192 views and 7.2 watch hours from over 100 unique viewers. My videos have made 875 impressions (meaning my thumbnails have been shown to viewers 875 times in YouTube), and my most successful video crossed 100 views yesterday. It has a total of 3.0 watch hours as of today.

I'd like to say thank you to my family and friends, as well as the community, for all the support. :)

My Channel

[05-04-2020] Video: The Mana Flux Grind | Hypixel Skyblock

Hey everyone, so in today's video we are going to be grinding our Wolf Slayer to Level 6. Be sure to watch the video (linked below). Let's get right into the Lesson of the Day!

Lesson of the Day: The Boring but Important Things

Today, we are going to discuss why we should do things that aren't fun, but are important. In Skyblock, most players have grinded their slayer quests a long time ago, but I kept on putting that off. It wasn't very fun, and I didn't have that much video game time to spend. So I was never able to use better gear and tools (and by that I mean the Mana Flux) because I'd never tried hard to get the level. And without that gear, I sometimes struggled doing my Tier 4 slayers. So I finally decided to get on the grind, and I reached Wolf Slayer Level 6. It was rewarding and worth the effort, because I could finally use the Mana Flux Orb.

Here's a time I had to do something that wasn't fun, but was definitely important, in my own life. I am a competitive swimmer, right? So every day, from Monday to Saturday, I had to train in the pool for 2 hours each day. Sometimes, training got boring and difficult, and I just wanted to leave. As a result, I did poorly at the following swim meets. My failures at the swim meets made me realize how important it is to try hard in swimming every day - not just before big meets.

With this new mentality, I worked hard every day in practice (this was a year or two before Greater Southwest - see below). At the end of the short course season, I ended up making 2 relays for the Texas Age Group Championships. I was super excited, because I had only made it to that swim meet one other time in my life. And this meet (TAGS) required extremely difficult times to qualify for - even harder times than Greater Southwest. (The reason I never qualified for a Greather Southwest meet is because I always aged up before it.)

But anyways, I hope you learned something. That's all for today.

You can watch the video on YouTube here.

[05-01-2020] Video: Finally Getting the Legendary Campfire Badge | Hypixel Skyblock

I'm actually doing several things in today's video, like getting minion upgrades and whatnot. You can watch the video on YouTube linked below, hope you enjoy.

Lesson of the Day: Believing in Yourself

I've heard many times that your successes are limited by what you believe is possible. I'm going to share a story I heard a few days ago.

So I heard a story of a runner who wanted to break 5:00 in the mile. But for many, many meets, he kept on running a 5:02, and he couldn't seem to beat that. So one day, his coach decided to try something new. On the day of the next competition, the runner raced the mile like he'd done many times before. The runner beat his competitors by many yards. Did he break 5:00? No. He ran a 5:02 just like the meets before, but he never knew that because the moment he crossed the finish line, his coach congratulated him and told him that he'd run a 4:59. The runner was so pumped up that he worked extra hard in practice, and at the next competition, he ran a 4:58. And the one after that, he ran a 4:56.

In this video, I honestly didn't think I could complete the legendary campfire badge. It required for me to take over 40,000 damage over the course of 10 seconds, which sort of intimidated me for a long time. But today, I got myself some potions and used my Mastiff armor, and I asked some people in the park to place their Mana Flux. (Of course they did, Skyblock people can be so nice...) But anyways, I ended up finishing the trial with just under half of my health left.

In conclusion, believing in yourself is important for success. But, if you're a Christian, (and also if you're not,) remember that God gives all successes and failures, and He ultimately determines the outcome.

Okay, that's gonna be it!

You can watch the video on YouTube here.

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